Just In: Zamfara Communities To Pay Bandits N37Million Or Risks Attacks

Bandits have asked the communities in Zamfara State to pay a whooping sum of N37 million on or before December 27, 2021 or face nefarious attacks.

The bandits said the seven communities would only enjoy relative peace if they raise the N37 million with the aforesaid period.

Africa Investigative Magazine gathered that the unwanted tax collectors told each community the amount to contribute out the stipulated amount.

The seven communities to pay levy were Hayin Uda, Gidan Ruguza, Bawagauga, Mai-Rerai Dumuyu, Zigau, and Kado.

Hayin Uda will pay N7 million, Dumuyu and Zigau will contribute N2 million each.

Gidan Kado is to pay N6 million while Mai-Rerai will pay N4 million. Ruguza would contribute N4 million.  Bawagauga given the largest portion is to N13 million.

Recall that recently, over 50 villagers have been reportedly killed at Zamfara in varoius attacks carried out by bandits.

Investigation revealed that the leader of bandits, Hassan Bamamu has in the past, signed a Memorandum of Understating with Zamfara State government for a peaceful coexistence.




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[…] Read Also: Just In: Zamfara Communities To Pay Bandits N37Million Or Risks Attacks […]