The Dangers Of Using Blue Light And How To Avoid It

Blue light, also known as blue-ray light is not health friendly. The advancement of technology has exposed people to dangers they know not. The house hold use of blue light resulted from Light Emitting Diode (LED). It is a light send out from computer screens, phone screens, flat-screen televisions, florescent bulbs and other devices with high amount of blue light.

Though, some unverified sources noted that blue light is needed for good health. The sources added that it boosts alertness and helps the memory. Blue light also performs a cognitive function and improve human mood. They further said that blue light from some devices does not pose threat to human life. They highlighted that its pitfalls can avoided.

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In a different perception, some researchers were of the opinion that prolonged use of blue-ray light causes strain in the eyes. It was said that users of LED technology blink their eyes less often when exposed to blue light when digital devices are not in use.

The implication of this is that the fewer the eye blinks, the lesser the moisture in the eyes. Blinking the eyes less leads to strain in the eyes, which in turn, causes dryness of the eyes.

Other related health issues associated to blue light included squint, headache, tired eyes, and retina. Blue light can also sleep cycle.

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Researchers have also discovered that when exposed to blue light in the evening, the body does not release much melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that facilitates sleep. This is a conviction that users of such devices are likely to face insomnia.

Some of steps to manage the risks from blue light are:

  1. The user of the blue light devices that send out blue light should stop every two minutes to focus on objects or stare into meters away for twenty seconds before going back to the devices.
  2. Moisturize Your Eyes: Good eye drop is recommended to keep the eyes moist and not irritated.
  3. Get Glasses with Recommended Prescription: Eye glasses help to prevent squinting at screens. Ensure you heed to the advice of your consultant.
  4. Reduce the Brightness of Your Screen: Reduction of the brightness of the screen of your television, computer, lab top or mobile phone will save your eyes from strain. It is advisable to protect your eyes by setting your devise on; Eye Care, Night Time and so on.
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